Executive Board Members

Sherryl Worst, President/Founder – 24-year Dental Laboratory Owner

Theresa Russo, Secretary – Banking, Association Lending Specialist

Peter Russo, Treasurer – Accountant (RTD)

Mike Russo, Officer – President of Less Taxing Services

Professional Dental Prosthetics, Inc., Officer – “New Smiles Campaign” Guidelines and Procedures; HIPPA Standards

(New members 10/20/15)

Brad Saunders, Saunders Business law group

Rona Saunders, Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy


Auxiliary Community Leaders

Oral Health Education
Linda Meeuwenberg (Lead) CEO/Professional Development Association, Inc./Author
Sara Brake, President- Brevard County Dental hygiene Association/Hygienist

Financial Committee                                                                                                          Mrs. Barbara Nooney –  CPA with  Flavin, Nooney & Person

Melissa Lugo, Bank Manager TD Bank

Community Outreach
Kristen Lutter
Wyatt Hoover, Marketing Specialist/River Oak Dental

Lori Patraka, Office specialist, Bright Now! Dental

Jennifer Taylor, Office Manager, Indian River City United Methodist Church

Veterans Affairs
Dorothy Walsh, President, American Legion Auxiliary Unity 117
Jamie Lugo, U.S. Army

Social Services

Jolene Tucker, Special needs Teacher, Devereux, Inc.

Diane Creelman, Parent

Sherryl Worst, President Smile Angel Foundation
Jolene Freeman Tucker, Teacher
Crystal Montgomery, Business owner/Notary

Missionary Liaisons
Riechelle Buchanan, Missionary
Ana Gabriella, Missionary

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