Dental health is an integral part of a persons overall health. Poor dental health – in particular gum disease – is linked to a greater risk of heart disease, digestive issues, and even premature labor. Unfortunately, the need for financial assistance and proper education regarding dental health care is at an all time high. By taking a proactive approach to educate patients on proper dental hygiene and by extracting unhealthy teeth and/or replacing missing teeth; The Smile Angel Foundation aims to radically improve the overall health of recipients while restoring beautiful smiles and thereby enhancing their quality of life.

The detriment of poor dental health has a ripple effect throughout the community. A toothache can be an unbearable pain and long waiting lists to get proper care at dental offices and local health departments drive many to the ER, due to factors such as lack of dental insurance, government assistance and low incomes. As a result, visits for dental care to the emergency rooms have increased across the nation. With most hospitals not staffing a dentist, little more than antibiotics and pain medication are administered; thus leaving the underlying problem untreated and they end up right back in the emergency room within a few days to weeks. Inherently these ER visits affect the number of sick days taken at work and affects the personal stability and ability to provide for their family.

The Smile Angel Foundation is working in collaboration with health and human service agencies to provide the best and most cost effective dental care and resources to help ensure that working parents and guardians in Brevard County, the uninsured, the elderly, our youth and our military veterans are able to get the help they need to keep going. Now is the time for us to be part of the solution, because a beautiful, happy smile is the ultimate reward.

When recipients can feel proud of their new healthy smiles and personal hygiene skills, their self-esteem will also be boosted, paving the way for healthier living. A healthy smile can generate the self confidence they need to seek employment, leave abusive relationships, or stand proud as military veterans, our services can assist people from all walks of life – we believe all people deserve the opportunity to have a happy, healthy smile.

*Please see attached Dental Facts Sheet 

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